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Thanks to Susan for leaving this comment:

Q:  “I need some ideas for organizing my yarn in a very small craft room/space. I have a LOT of yarn and want something functional, but pretty. Any suggestions??”

A:  I wish had I more experience with yarn, fabric, and all things sewing… BUT, I was not blessed with any talent for creating with such things!  However, I do have a few ideas to get you organized… even if I won’t get the chance to use them in my own home.  I believe they’ll help in yours!  🙂

First I would suggest pairing down your collection, if at all possible.  I know, I know you probably LOVE all of the beautiful yarn colors and textures.  I understand that, but would like you to keep in mind your limited storage space.  You should have room to create in your craft room, not just store project pieces.  And it will make it easier to find and use your items when you have a handle on your collection.  If nothing else, consider what you will truly use and how quickly (or slowly) you’ll go through them.  Then restrain from bringing additional yarn into your home (until you are ready for it).

Okay, onto the fun part (for me anyway), the organization!  I happen to think that skeins / balls of yarn are pretty on their own… there’s just something so nice about the rainbow of colors & potential for creations.  So, if it were up to me I’d use open/clear storage.  Here are two of my favorite ideas to contain and organize your yarn:

1.  Use cardboard magazine holders, turned on their sides and set on shelves, to hold yarn sorted by color.  It’s inexpensive and effective!  I think this picture shows the idea best.  It’s a gorgeous bit of simple organization that allows you to easily retrieve and return yarn to it’s new found home.  (This awesome photo is from Laughing Purple Goldfish Designs.)

2. Use a tall narrow cabinet to house your yarn.  Arrange and stack it by color.  Organizing it this way is good because you can keep it behind a glass door, which will keep the yarn visible, but clean & dust free.  Here’s my favorite photo to share with you representing this idea (this is a flickr photo from wood & wool stool):

(However, this isn’t quite as organized as in the first idea with the magazine holders.  Perhaps you could marry the two and use magazine holders inside a tall cabinet!!)

Both of these ideas make great use of vertical space, which is too often forgotten!  I’m sure you could use plastic bins or baskets stacked in a closet and labeled by color, BUT I think these ideas are exactly what you’re looking for:  functional AND pretty!

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