Situational Disorganization: Been There, Conquered That!

Did you know that, on occasion, even the most organized person can be thrown off their game and tossed into the chaos of disorganization?  It can even happen to a Professional Organizer… gasp!  Truth is, it happens to all of us!  I call it situational disorganization.  These situations are major life events or life changes that break all the rules you have in place and resist the order you’ve worked so hard to create.

In my new blog series “Situational Disorganization:  Been There, Conquered That” I’m going to address some of these situations, how they have the potential to throw you off track, and how to get back on it.  Not only will you get my professional insight, but my personal as well – considering I’ve been there and conquered that!

Here are some of the topics you can look forward to:

  • Having a Child
  • Becoming a S.A.H.M.
  • Building a Business (while Raising a Child)
  • Divorce
  • Relocation
  • Home Renovation

Each of these situations will cause chaos in your life for as long as you allow.  For change to occur you need to recognize the issues, find the breakdown in your current systems, and create new ways of organizing and maintaining life.  That’s when you conquer your situational disorganization and take your life from CoMpLiCaTeD to Simplified.

I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences with you in hopes that you can CONQUER whatever situation is challenging you!

**Oh, and on a side note I had been using the term “survived that” until I talk to my friend Jeff Brandes (coach, author, and awesome motivator).  He deserves a shout out for pointing out to me that I’ve not just survived these things, I’ve down right conquered them.  I really liked the sound and feel of that and it’s been my word ever since.  Thanks Jeff!**

If you are in the midst of a difficult situation and would like it added to the series, please submit your idea to for consideration.

Happy Simplifying,


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