FREE is a 4-Letter F-Word

Yup, I said it… FREE is a 4-letter F-word!  Dramatic much?  I know, I know.  But think about it… how many THINGS have you taken or received just because they were free?  Did you NEED the item?  Did you even WANT it?  Did you already have one (or 10)?  Did you get excited because it was FREE, and then eventually wonder what in the world you would do with it?  Come on… be honest!  Most people have been there… a free sample at a store, free item with purchase, free goodie bags and giveaways at a trade show, free pens, notepads, & toiletries at a hotel… FREE FREE FREE?!?!  How can you NOT get excited?

Well, here’s how:  remember that it’s more STUFF!  This means more stuff to take care of (dust), more things to find a spot for in your house, and more clutter if it’s not something you really needed in the first place.  Are you starting to see what I mean about the “4-letter F-word” now?  😉

From atop my soap box I urge companies SAVE YOUR MONEY and people SAVE YOUR SPACE!  Just say no to FREEBIES unless you know without a shadow of a doubt it’s something you are going to use right away (not eventually or someday)!

Now grab a bag and do a quick sweep through your house to see what freebies you can collect – then let them go.  {Less Stuff = Less Stress}

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