Keeping Up with the “Pinners”

The saying used to be “keeping up with the Joneses”.  You know the Joneses, they were the neighbor who had the newest of everything, their kids behaved perfectly, a home-cooked dinner was on the table at 5 every night, the grass was green, the car was clean, and everything just seemed peachy.  That’s reality, right???  NOT!

I think that for many years now people have recognized that obtaining that level of “perfection” was not realistic.  However, I’ve found that recently we’ve been slipping into this mindset again.  Although now we’re not keeping up with the “Joneses”, instead we’re keeping up with the “Pinners.”

For all of you Pinterest fans out there (and I am one of them), you know exactly what I mean by “pinners” so skip ahead while I school the newbies.  The way I explain this awesome website to people is this:  It’s a virtual cork board to collect and organize ideas in picture form from all over the web.  Once the picture is “pinned” to your board, you can link to where it was created and gather further information on it.  Therefore those who “pin” these things are called “pinners”.  Here’s how Pinterest defines their website:  “Pinterest is a tool for collecting and organizing the things you love. Browse boards created by others to discover new things and be inspired by people who share your interests. People use boards to plan their trips, decorate their homes, and share their favorite recipes.”  Got it??  Ok, let’s continue… 😉

Let me first put forth this disclaimer:  I am in no way knocking Pinterest… in fact I love that website and consider myself a Pinterest junkie (you can see that from my boards)!  That being said, although Pinterest is full of amazing ideas it can lead us to believe that what we are doing is not enough.  We see people who have gorgeous hairstyles, runway outfits, organized & decorated homes that could be in a magazine, delectable dinners, creative crafts for the kids, and party plans to rival the best event planners.  Everyone seems to be everything.  Everyone that is, except for you.

If this sounds familiar, here’s what I want you to remember… you are seeing the “outside” of the situation (not behind the scenes).  You’re missing the burnt dinners, microwave meals, crying kids, messy hair, no make-up days, the 30 outtakes before they got the perfect picture, the toys strewn about before they cleaned up!  Do not fall into the trap of comparing your INSIDES to someone’s OUTSIDE.

We all have our strengths and weaknesses, that’s how the world goes round.  Gather inspiration and motivation from others, but do not compare yourself or feel like you need to keep up.  Have fun pinning and certainly follow YOUR passion; maybe it’s cooking, or fashion, or organizing, but maybe it’s something else.  We were all given different gifts for a reason, so remember YOU ARE ENOUGH.  Keeping up with the Pinners is as unrealistic as keeping up with the Joneses!

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