My Little Productivity Smasher

Productivity Smasher! Who? ME?

In my opponent’s corner standing stout at 2’4” and weighing in at a roly-poly 30 pounds is my “Teeny Tiny” 9 month old Productivity Smasher.  In my corner, well it’s me, the Smasher’s slightly OCD Professional Organizer mama.  Regardless of size, rest assured he has the upper hand in this battle!
With this scene set perhaps you’re wondering why I’m calling my adorable sweetheart of a baby my opponent!  In short, ever since I had him I have been struggling to maintain my idea of organization.  He is the best at smashing any attempts I have at being productive!  😉  I get that he doesn’t mean to, he’s a baby and babies are high-maintenance… but my to-do list doesn’t know that.  I’ve had more loose ends that I haven’t been able to “tie up” and more projects loading up my to-do list just being transferred from day to day.  Please tell me that you can relate!  I think some of you can, and that’s why I’m taking (precious) time to write this article.

I think what is making it worse than what most moms might feel, is the fact that I’m a professional organizer and it’s my job to have it all together (for me, my family, my home, my business, and my clients)!  Well, I’m working on revamping what my view of “all together” looks like.  Because it’s all about expectations after all.  Maybe you’ve heard that saying before “what’s really messing you up is the image in your mind of how you thought it should go,” that’s what I’m talking about.  So I’m repainting that image in my mind and here’s what I think it looks like (for me anyway):

Recognize True Priorities: Mine are taking care of my family & our faith, taking care of my marriage, keeping up with my house, maintaining my business, and the one I struggle most with is taking care of myself (I know I know, if I don’t take care of me how can I take care of everything else).  When I start stressing, my husband always asks “is it on today’s WIN list?”  That means What’s Important NOW.  And if it’s not WIN, then stop stressing over it!  So when undone projects start pushing my buttons I need to refocus on these priorities and recognize that as Teeny Tiny gets older (like his Big Brother) and he requires less of my constant attention then I can devote more time to those projects.

Give Myself Credit: I might not get everything done on my to-do list everyday, but I need to remember to give myself a pat on the back for all of the things that I did accomplish.  My family is happy and well taken care of, the baby has freshly made food for the upcoming week, the house is semi-clean ;-), I have most of the preparations ready for my oldest son’s birthday party tomorrow (he’s turning 12), and I wrote an article… go me!  If I only focused on the things that I didn’t accomplish I wouldn’t be cheering myself on and that makes staying motivated much harder.

Know it will NEVER be ALL done: This is SO hard for me!  Again, this is something my hubby tells me and for quite some time I was in denial.  The supermom/organizer in me wants to believe that at some point EVERYTHING will be caught up and every box on my to-do list and project sheet will be checked off.  I’ve come to recognize that unless I’m dreaming this is never going to happen.  Gasp and gulp!  I hate the sound of that, but know it’s the truth.  Even if I checked everything off there will still be the dishes we dirty, the clothes we’re wearing that need laundered, the dust that is settling on end tables as I type, and dinner that needs to be made.  I can whittle away at my projects, but I’ve been around the block enough to know that about the time we check one off we add two on.  That’s just life and I’m working on embracing it.

Count Your Blessings: enough said!

So as I sit here… baby food steaming, Teeny Tiny Productivity Smasher sleeping (will it be 30 minutes or 2 hours, it’s anybody’s guess), and his Big Brother relaxing in my comfy bed reading a novel (he’s getting too big too fast)… I’ve opened the windows to let the cool breeze in, I’m aware of the leaves rustling and the birds chirping… and I know that even with all of those loose ends undone around me and the long list before me, I’m incredibly blessed and completely thankful for this crazy full life.

Belly's Full & Heart is Happy - My Job Is Done ;-)

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