Organize & Downsize

As we go through life, we eventually (hopefully) find that LESS is MORE.  Even by the time I’d hit 30, I’d realized how much of YOU can potentially be consumed in life by your house, work, children, family, and friends.  I quickly realized that I was going to have to simplify & downsize, and really let the statement “Less is More” be my mantra.

No matter what age you are, or what stage of life you’re in… if you’re interested in organizing & downsizing, and simply shedding the things that are weighing you down (cluttering up your space) then this is for you!

Whether you are downsizing your actual home or just the amount of possessions you have it’s helpful to assess the way you’re thinking about your things.  To keep you from falling into a habit of “I’m used to having this so I must need it”, here are 5 Questions to Consider when you are going through the Purge/Keep step:

  1. Is it pleasing to me aesthetically and do I think it will continue to be pleasing in my new space? Life is too short to be surrounded by things that aren’t pleasing to you!!  Your home is your haven!
  2. Is it comfortable and will it make me comfortable in my new (or current) home? You only get one body… be good to it!!  Have comfortable furniture, beds, and textiles around you.  You should be able to relax at home!
  3. Is it in good enough condition to warrant the expense of moving it (if you’re downsizing your home)? If it needs fixing, but you love it, it may be worth it.  Otherwise, this may be the time to let it go.  And if you do love it – show it by taking the necessary actions to get the item repaired or whatever it needs!
  4. Is it versatile enough so that if it doesn’t work in one room it will work in another? I LOVE to decorate and redecorate… so it’s very convenient when you can blend your furnishings throughout your house that they can be rearranged as needed or wanted.  It can really freshen up a space to move furniture and re-purpose items to create a “new room”.
  5. Does it fit and look good, and is it in proportion to the rest of the furniture in the room? Especially if you’re downsizing pay careful attention to the size of your furniture versus the size of your new rooms!  It might not be worth it to move over-sized furniture to a new space if you’re going to be squished and unhappy with your surroundings.

I understand that it’s easy to get hung up during this decision-making stage.  So if you get stuck… ASK THESE QUALIFYING QUESTIONS:

  • When is the last time I looked at this?
  • Does this represent a key moment or phase in my life?
  • Do I have another, more compact way of remembering this moment? (ex. photographs or memory book vs box in the attic)
  • Will I really miss this?  What’s the worst thing that could happen if I didn’t have it?

If you’re now asking “Does this mean that I have to be a minimalist?”  The answer is NO, not at all.  Just keep in mind what I often tell my clients:  You can have “stuff” just don’t let it have YOU!

After you accept that bigger isn’t always better, you’ll find that it’s ok to have less stuff, so that we can have more time.  We realize that people are more important than things, and spending a fun Sunday afternoon with our family & friends is more important than extra housework and shuffling around our clutter.

Happy Simplifying!

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