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Gifting Memories

Getting organized and keeping up with everyday life can be hard, right? When you factor in all of the additional things to do, places to go, and people to see during the holiday season, it can easily become overwhelming and …

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Thanksgiving Entertaining Made Easy

Thanksgiving is approaching quickly… and for many of us that means hosting a holiday dinner for family and friends.  This should be an exciting, happy event but sometimes it can become overwhelming and stressful!  Do you know the feeling?  This …

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Is Your Kitchen Ready for the Holidays?

The holidays are coming! The holidays are coming! Is your kitchen ready for the “overtime” it’s about to put in? Think about how much time you’ll soon spend in this area prepping, cooking, baking, and entertaining. Before the madness begins …

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Holidays: Blissfully Busy or Painfully Packed?!

There’s something to be said about the hustle and bustle of the holidays. But there is a fine line between this time being “blissfully busy” and “painfully packed.” Personally, I’m looking forward to a blissfully busy time this year. However, …

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Simplified Resolutions

The New Year is here! I’m sure if resolutions have been decided you’re working on them right now, right?!?! I know through the years I’ve set a few in motion and by March they dissolved. This year I’ve decided to …

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Over Indulgence Equals Expectation

With the holidays upon us we need to think about what we are giving and how much we are spending.  I have talked to hundreds of people and the biggest stress and fear they have are the expectations that come …

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Traditions Year-Round

Traditions are a wonderful thing. The same ones always come to mind when I hear the word… like the Macy’s Parade for Thanksgiving and Advent Calendar for Christmas. I didn’t realize how many I had for the entire year until …

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St. Patrick’s Day Fun ~ Leprechaun Tricks!

Last St. Patrick’s day I snapped out of sleep at 5 am (uuggh)!  For some reason I shot straight up and thought… I have to go be a leprechaun.  No, I’m not crazy (well ok, maybe a little)!  😉

Less is More in the New Year!

Hello friends!!  I pray that this New Year’s Eve finds you healthy, happy, and surrounded by people who love you!  I’ll be spending this evening with my family and friends… playing games, laughing, enjoying some sweet & savory treats, and …

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Birthday Basket

This idea is from a gal I’ve had the privilege to know practically my whole life – Amber Burgoon.  We met in kindergarten, went through school together, and we still keep in touch after growing up and having kids of …

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