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Managing the Recipe Mess

How many recipes do you have laying around? Perhaps they’re in drawers or folders, on the counter, taped inside your cupboards, stuffed into cookbooks, or where ever you prefer to stash them!  Maybe you’ve printed them out from an on-line …

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Is Your Kitchen Ready for the Holidays?

The holidays are coming! The holidays are coming! Is your kitchen ready for the “overtime” it’s about to put in? Think about how much time you’ll soon spend in this area prepping, cooking, baking, and entertaining. Before the madness begins …

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My Home Improvement Challenge

I decided a few months ago that I would challenge myself with a home improvement project and a half. I found out that my husband had a 6 day business trip. I’m not sure about you, but I get WAY …

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Give your ‘Fridge a Makeover

I know I know, a “makeover” for your refrigerator sounds silly!  BUT, it’s actually something that will save you time and money.  Oh, now you’re interested?!?!  😉

Kitchen Quick Tip

In every kitchen there are those difficult small and narrow cabinets. These tend to be tall with only two shelves.  You know, the ones that drive you mad trying to figuring out what in the world should be stored in …

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Organize your Meals with a Menu Board

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, than surely you’ve heard me mention menu planning.  I think creating a menu plan (whether it’s per week or per month) is a HUGE TIME SAVER!  And who couldn’t use a little …

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Out with the OLD – Towels

Q:  Do you have a formula for how many bath towels one really needs (including hand towels and washcloths). I use a washcloth daily. ~Laura A: Well, I don’t exactly have a formula… but like most things I keep as …

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Out with the OLD – Focus & Finish

Q:  “Please help!! I’m in the process of organizing my kitchen (for the past week), but as I’m getting close to finishing up, I am loosing motivation and focus on finishing. I keep wanting to start another project before this …

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Make Your Own Cookbook (the simple way)!

This is a great Simplified Solution that comes to us from Live Laugh and Love to Save in Hanover, PA (or “Danielle, the Amazing Coupon Gal” as I refer to her)! To save time and space she recommends that you make …

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Medicine List

Here is an easy, but valuable Simplified Solution… keep a medicine list with your medicines.  This is especially helpful if you or anyone in your family needs to take medicines regularly.  You could even help your parents / grandparents create …

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