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Raising Money Savvy Kiddos

At what age should money earning tasks begin for little ones? My husband and I have decided that the ages five and eight are right for our two. They are at the age where they know what money is and …

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The Choice is Really Yours

Do you have a list of goals? Be it personal or just something you’ve always wanted from your “wish list”? Do you believe that you can achieve them?  Are financial circumstances holding you back? In many cases the only one …

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Over Indulgence Equals Expectation

With the holidays upon us we need to think about what we are giving and how much we are spending.  I have talked to hundreds of people and the biggest stress and fear they have are the expectations that come …

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Kids and Money

It’s never too early or too late to teach our children about money. Teaching your children about money will help them to learn the value of money and will also teach them about making good money choices. The key is …

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Top Money Busters

Are YOU losing or spending money unnecessarily?  Read my 9 Top Money Busters to find out!

Live Simply So You Can Indulge in Life

Personal Spending Choices: Do You Save More or Pay More? It’s all about the small stuff; we always tend to think that the small stuff doesn’t matter! Think about how many times you go out to eat or how many …

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Welcome to Our Simplified Savings Expert – Alice!

Please help me welcome the newest contributor to the Simplified Solutions blog:  Alice Sisson, Your Money Coach!  I am thrilled to have Alice rounding out the “Simplified Team” and writing Simplified Savings! Read more and learn all about Alice HERE!  …

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