Announcing the Simplified By Bobbie – C’est La Vie 2015 Planner!

C'est La Vie Planner © - By Simplified by Bobbie

*Everything you need in one place to organize your day to day life*

DO NOT PURCHASE A BORING TRADITIONAL 2015 PLANNER! Instead, use the C’est La Vie Daily Planner!  Year after year I’ve tried all kinds of traditional planners that required adjustments & changes to make them work for me (and my life).  There was never the perfect fit though.  So instead of manipulating those planners & having them only partially meet my needs, I decided it was time to create the ideal planner!  Not just a place to track your appointments and to-do’s, but also a way to manage your home, meal plans, create an attitude of gratitude, make time for you, be inspired, and focus on creating your ideal life.

WOW, all this in a planner… yup – ALL that!  Here are the details:

The C’est La Vie Daily Planner is contained in a Mini 3-Ring Binder (9.5 x 7.5 inches).  This allows you the ultimate flexibility in reconfiguring anything to your liking, as well as adding special pages (and new sections & accessories – which are coming soon).  There are 5 Tabbed Sections to keep you organized:

Life Tab

  • Monthly Calendars – Divided By Month Tabs (Dec 2014 – Dec 2015)
    • Includes:
      • Things To Remember
      • Tips for Organizing, Time Management, Holidays, & Entertaining
      • Journal Page for what you’d “Love To Do” in the upcoming month
      • Journal Page for the “Highlights” of each month
  • Daily Life Pages
    • Each page-a-day planner includes places for all of your:
      • Need To Do’s
      • Want To Do’s
      • Home Responsibilities
      • Appointments
      • Delegated Tasks
      • Dinner Plan
      • Notes Area
      • Simple Daily Gratitude “Journal Spot”
      • Your planner will come with the first two months of daily pages IN the ringed binder, and the additional 11 months worth of daily pages will be bound separate for you.  Why carry around an ENTIRE year’s worth of daily pages if you don’t have to?!?!  This is just another perk of using the 3-ring binder!  Create a rotating system for your daily pages, as one month ends simply remove the daily pages that have been used and then add another month in (so you’ll always have the current and upcoming months).

To-Do Tab

  • Master To-Do Lists (turn your To-Do’s into Ta-Da’s)

Home Tab

  • Meal Planning Guide
  • Top 20 Meals List
  • Grocery & Errand Template (print more of these templates HERE)
  • Household Responsibilities Checklist
  • Seasonal Checklist

Reference Tab

  • How to Use the C’est La Vie Planner to it’s fullest
  • Emergency & Reference Numbers
  • Birthday & Anniversary Tracking
  • “My Ideal Life” Vision – Create Your Life, Plan Your Days, Live Your Plan

Notes Tab

  • Notes pages for you to jot down ideas, lists, use for journaling, or anything else you need to write down!

Add-On Options Coming Soon:

  • Finance
  • Wellness

Current Binder Color Choices:

  • Black (note the color of ribbon accessories you’d like – pink, silver, red, orange, teal, lime, yellow)
  • Red (comes with black & white ribbon accessories)
  • Periwinkle Blue (comes with silver ribbon accessories)
  • Additional options to be added soon – they’ll be black binders with decorative covers & spines.


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